The Colorado Pacific Rio Grande Railroad

The Colorado Pacific Rio Grande Railroad is a rail line that connects communities in south central Colorado and the San Luis Valley to the rest of the world allowing them to transport and receive goods for domestic and international shipment via the Union Pacific or BNSF railroads. The rail line runs from Walsenburg, CO over the La Veta Pass to South Fork, CO and from Alamosa, CO south to Antonito, CO; it was originally built by the Denver & Rio Grande around 1880.


The Colorado Pacific Rio Grande Railroad offers freight service to its customers five days a week, headquartered at the historic freight office in Alamosa built in 1909.  The 2022 traffic level was about 7000 cars. Current operating speed for the line is 10 mph with allowable car weights of up to 263,000 pounds.


The Soloviev Group plans to upgrade its speed capacity to 25 mph and weight clearance to more modern 286,000 pound cars. The line has siding capacity for long term storage of 500 cars. The newest industrial facility on the line, a bulk fertilizer unloading plant pictured here, was opened by the Monte Vista Co-Op in 2022.


The oldest predecessor of the line was the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, chartered in 1870 with ambitions to link Denver and Mexico City.  Tracks from Walsenburg reached Alamosa in 1878 and ultimately reached a southern terminus at Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Thereafter a branch was built west from Alamosa to Creede to service a silver mining boom in that locale.  In 1908 the Denver & Rio Grande consolidated with another line to form the Denver & Rio Grande Western, which existed independently until 1988.  At that time it merged with the Southern Pacific railroad, which was merged with the Union Pacific Railroad in 1996.  In 2003 Union Pacific divested itself of the line by sale which led through several ownership companies to Bankruptcy Court in 2019. The first passenger train arrived on July 4, 1878 and last regular passenger service (to Pueblo) ended in 1953.

Colorado Pacific Railroad & Weskan Grain

Colorado Pacific Railroad is a rail line that runs from Towner, Colorado to NA Junction, east of Pueblo. It was purchased by the Soloviev Group in 2018 and enables communities in eastern Colorado and western Kansas to transport goods for domestic and international shipment via Union Pacific or BNSF Railroads. The Soloviev Group has refurbished and improved the line, including the construction of a new grain shuttle loader facility. It offers competitive tariff quotes and aims to minimize ground storage for local farmers and shippers.


Weskan Grain a state-of-the-art grain elevator facility servicing farmers from Avondale, CO to Dighton, KS. Our 2,200-acre tract has the largest storage capacity in the area, equipped with high-speed unloaders & highway access. Weskan Grain is considered the gold standard for farmers and we will have you on the move quickly & efficiently.

The Soloviev Group

The Soloviev Group is a financially qualified company that operates the Colorado Pacific Railroad. After purchasing the railroad, which was in a state of neglect, the group waged a major legal and regulatory effort to acquire the rail line. They then embarked on a complete refurbishment of the line and made significant improvements, including track, bridge, and signal rehabilitation, and the construction of a new 8,000-foot siding and shuttle train delivery siding. The group also began construction on a grain shuttle loader facility in 2021, which is scheduled to open for commercial service in 2023.

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